We have a pioneering reputation for world-leading visualisation solutions providing real-world context to everything from offshore platforms, to submarine rescue systems and crime scenes.

While you may know us for our photogrammetric digital survey capabilities and award-winning R2S software, we know that the pace of technological development, data capture methodologies and future proofing are all considerations for our clients as they embrace their digital future; and we are delivering solutions to these challenges.

Through the capture and processing of reality data, Return To Scene offers a range of options to our clients which includes our expert photogrammetric digital survey and build service.

We can also absorb and process data from other sources for example, third party photogrammetric and laser scan data.

In parallel, recognising the drive towards automation across industries and developments in photographic capture methods, we welcome visual data taken by our clients. In support of this, we can also supply an equipment kit to facilitate our clients in this respect, R2S Self-Capture.

Through integrating and consulting other data sources, for example 3D, IoT and design data, we can import and overlay these existing data sets into our software. This aids visualisation in context and maximizes the value of existing data.

Consultancy and training services relating to our software, services and expertise are also available.

We are committed to delivering data flexibility and accessibility that challenges industry norms and drives collaboration.