Stena Drilling Testimonial

In the six years that our R2S software has been deployed across its fleet, Stena Drilling has measured tangible benefits in time and cost efficiencies and improved quality; directly attributable to the use of R2S.

Through its proactive use of R2S, part of a wider digitalisation initiative, Stena Drilling has reduced the need for transit to and time onboard its global work fleet. This is demonstrated by a significant reduction in on-site survey requirement, with many surveys, both those carried out by Stena Drilling, and those through third parties, undertaken from the safety and convenience of the onshore environment.

R2S has delivered value and assurance to Stena Drilling’s operational business to include, but not limited to:

  • Remote planning of modification works; reducing, and in many cases eliminating, expensive trips to the asset.
  • Improved pre-planning and worksite assessments (including those conducted by third parties).
  • Increased accuracy in work packs and schedule of works.
  • Enhanced visibility and collaboration between stakeholders, reducing ambiguity.
  • Familiarisation of new employees and contractors, ensuring location awareness.
  • Provision of support through visualisation for emergency response activities.
  • Improved engineering evaluation, and work pack quality.
  • Increased rig marketability through provision of intuitive, data rich and navigable remote access to its fleet to prospective clients.

Among R2S users globally, Stena Drilling has pioneered a self-capture philosophy, that others across industry are now adopting. This has enhanced the multiskilling of existing personnel and wider evergreening capability. This self-capture process has increased confidence in remote work scope planning and reduced the need for re-survey and eliminating associated personnel on board (POB) exposure and cost.

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