D3 Consulting Testimonial

See how our R2S software became an indispensable tool for D3 Consulting's decommissioning projects.

“At D3 Consulting, we support offshore operators and their supply chains with bespoke offshore decommissioning solutions to facilitate safe, timely, regulatory compliant and cost effective decommissioning works.

We first came across R2S in 2014, and since that time we’ve used various versions of R2S on over 40 platforms in the UKCS. It’s become an operational norm, providing us with competitive advantage and the ability to deliver our projects with an un-comparable level of accuracy.

The intuitive visual interface allows us to navigate the R2S, a high definition, tone mapped, spherical photographic representation of the platform. This, when coupled with the measurement tool within R2S, has proven particularly effective in the generation of our material inventories.

It is our business to verify what is actually there on the asset in preparation for decommissioning planning, which is more often than not, significantly different from what is believed to be there.

While our clients provide us with the information they possess, this can vary from excellent, to sparse, outdated or non-existent! R2S lets us explore the asset in detail, assess the quantity, size, condition and location of kit.

Our operational team from quantity and structural surveyors to our waste engineers utilise R2S at the different phases of our contracted projects. For example, our quantity and structural surveyors verify the measurement and condition of the size of kit on the asset. Our specialists in equipment re-use identify what can be reused – something that is actively encouraged by government and regulatory bodies.

Our waste engineers then use R2S to waste code everything that the surveyors have identified as being present – everything from pipes and vessels to architectural steel. Importantly, this helps them to flag things that may not be included in any reports, like asbestos – highlighting hazards and risk and considerably improving the safety of our, and other contracting teams.

Assets that have reached their end of life, have several decades of accumulated small kit that can also present hazard and risk, and is not ordinarily recorded on drawings. This small kit can range from fire extinguishers to gas detectors, doors and florescent bulbs. One key use of R2S in this respect is the locating, quantifying and reporting of these items, which can also be classified as hazardous wastes.

It is no exaggeration to state that we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without R2S. This technology reduces our need to visit the site, reducing the need for costly transits and the HSE risks associated with transit and offshore exposure, often resulting in offshore visits for verification purposes only. This provides us with the competitive advantage of being able to deliver a market-leading, accurate and timely service to our clients.”

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