BP Testimonial

Learn how BP is using our R2S software to significantly reduce journeys to platforms and save millions.

“We needed something that would help us save precious bed space on board our offshore platforms. Non-critical operations staff were an issue. Surveyors, trainees, planners all had to wait their turn but took up valuable space on helicopters and on board that would be better spent with operations and maintenance staff.

So something that would help teams plan more effectively onshore so that they knew exactly what needed to be done, what tools and equipment would be needed and how we were going to do it would make the most sense. We initially looked at 3D laser scanning but that proved too expensive.

R2S came to us from the forensic world and immediately caught our eye as something that would give us the perspective we needed to plan our activities. We could navigate through corridors, measure our way through tight spaces where we would move equipment, observe the condition of pipes and valves that might need replacing and position within the images all of the documentation and permits needed to complete the job.

We have saved millions in journeys to platforms in the past few years alone. We have now captured all of our assets in the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico and are now going beyond to Indonesia, Azerbaijan and Angola. The R2S team have been superb at working within and around our teams seamlessly.”

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