My ENGenious adventure

By Patrycja Linka, 19 September 2018

The ENGenious event for upstream innovation took place in Aberdeen between the 4th and 6th of September 2018.

With a wide range of exhibitors specialising in innovative technologies such as automation and control systems, data analytics, robotics and smart communications, ENGenious was an opportunity to keep up with the latest digital trends in the oil and gas industry. The OGTC, BP, Wood, ABB, and Return To Scene, to name but a few, were in full swing presenting their technologies and sharing their knowledge and ideas.

I initially registered as a visitor - simply hoping the event would help further immerse me in the world of digitalisation and visualization technologies – the focus of my Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) associateship. The whole team at Return To Scene was encouraged to attend the event, and I was looking forward to it, however, didn’t expect it to be of much interest as a construction professional. My original plan was to attend the morning sessions on the first day and go back to the office to work on my usual tasks. Yet, that did not happen.

Stepping into the unknown

Arriving at ENGenious, I was quite unsure ‘how it all works’ since it was my first industry-focused conference (I know, scandalous). I had a quick look around, trying to find familiar faces or companies that I had heard of before, but no luck with that. Apart from BP and Return To Scene, it was all new to me and a bit overwhelming at first; but I am not one to shy away from a challenge.

Experimenting with new technologies

My journey began with visiting the stand of my colleagues from Return To Scene where I got the chance to try their new Augmented Reality (AR) application. An ‘’old rusty pipe’’ was being presented and the AR app allowed users to access diverse sets of data to demonstrate the offshore workforce could efficiently use and maintain the equipment by using the tool.

Then, it all started to spin around, and I felt like I had been dropped into some magical land. I spoke with numerous great minded people and was exposed to technologies I had no idea existed. The Exhibitor Presentation Theatre was a great source of information about the companies exhibiting and their technologies, allowing visitors to identify critical areas of interest. The exhibitors were very welcoming and willing to share their knowledge and experience. To my amazement, some of them were also involved with the construction industry.

Making meaningful contacts and generating new ideas

The networking event at the end of the first day resulted in good-quality connections and inspiring conversations on the future of oil and gas, but also the construction industry. It did not stop there but continued throughout the rest of the event.

The fantastic innovation presented lit up bulbs in my head; possible applications for the construction industry were very apparent; and the potential role Return To Scene’s R2S software within this global sector became glaringly obvious. I was particularly excited about the artificial intelligence sensors that you place on pieces of equipment to monitor performance and predict failure; I could see synergy with R2S, and massive application in for efficiency gains and reduction of high-risk episodes of material miss-performance which may result in the production shut down.

Generally speaking, ENGenious taught me the use of visualisation techniques, smart data collection and data storing solutions along with the intelligent sensors could be an answer and great instruments for Building Information Modeling (BIM) applications in construction and infrastructure projects.

The exhibition has been an incredible source of knowledge and information directly relevant with my KTP project. The two industries are connected in many ways, and the potential to adapt some of the presented technologies in the construction industry is huge. My three days at the ENGenious (not bad for someone who planned to stay half a day) offered many great connections, influences and inspirations for my journey as a KTP Associate at Return To Scene. Being part of such an event was a fantastic opportunity, and I look forward to the digital future in oil and gas and the construction industry.

Patrycja Linka is KTP Associate at Return To Scene and Robert Gordon University. Find her on LinkedIn.