The use of R2S creates value for our clients by:

Reducing the on-site or offshore POB pressure

R2S has consistently proven to reduce pressure on valuable on-site or offshore bed space. The combined quality of our digital photogrammetric survey, ability to absorb alternative visual data sets and R2S software reduce the requirement for on-site surveys. It enables offsite asset navigation and familiarisation thus delivering;

• Improved safety

Reducing the necessity to travel mitigates risk to personnel. This is particularly pertinent for remote sites that involve protracted or multi-phased transport to/from site. Negating the necessity for on-site presence similarly reduces risk to personnel.

• Enhanced collaboration

R2S user feedback has demonstrated significant improvement in collaboration from supply chain interaction and remote expertise, to stakeholder engagement and boardroom insight of the operational environment.

Creating efficiency gains

The use of R2S has delivered substantial efficiency gains to our clients that include but also stretch beyond significant financial savings. Examples of how these have been achieved include:

• Asset awareness

For operators of established, remote or aging infrastructure, difficulties in fully auditing and achieving accurate, complete knowledge of assets can cause considerable problems both operationally and commercially. Through the use of R2S, our clients are attaining complete asset knowledge and, in turn, realising value in multiple areas. Digital photogrammetric survey reduces the need for additional asset wide survey. It enables informed decision making; allowing resource and expense to be focussed on key areas.

• Reduction in future spend

As a repository for a full range of data sources, R2S can be used to geo-locate and compile existing survey data. This allows users to easily identify survey requirement and avoid unnecessary duplication and expense.

• Reduced time looking for data

Equipment tagging within R2S can be an automated process in this software, allowing users throughout supply chains to quickly access information relevant to their specific purpose. Data from R2S and external sources can be searched.

• Procurement efficiency

By providing bidders with access to R2S, our clients have achieved substantial efficiency gains during the procurement process. We have proven that suppliers have provided more confident, accurate estimates. Again, removing the need for on-site visits also reduces impact on bed space, length of process and HSSEQ risk.

• Providing value to remote and on-site users from the same data set

R2S allows data to be accessed from a wide range of devices including web, mobile and intrinsically safe platforms. R2S AR (Augmented Reality), for example, allows users on-site to access intelligent data relevant to their specific task through our AR app.

• Unlimited users

Users of R2S permeate our clients’ supply chains driving efficiency and collaboration throughout industry. This is made possible by our unlimited user software licencing model.