The original R2S software was designed and built in collaboration with the police and continues to incorporate the experiences and requirements of this multinational user base.

R2S can enhance criminal investigations, contextualise cold cases, plan for events and post incident response, increasing collaboration between counter-terrorism agencies.

The ability to create a fully interactive, information-rich walk-through allows all relevant data to be easily uploaded, linked and contextualised. This includes data such as; video, audio, photographs (still and panoramic), documents and evidence information. Creating a fully interactive tour of the scene, this can be published onto a DVD and be stored as an exhibit.

In a crisis, having accurate and up-to-date information is paramount. Capturing an asset or facility using R2S allows the situation to be replicated. This ensures that everyone is aligned, aiding understanding and communication. Proactive planning and scenario testing are more realistic and engaging. Procedures and processes can be easily tested, demonstrated, both internally and to clients and regulatory bodies. Continuous review of response planning will ensure that everyone is aware and proficient in their role and responsibilities.

R2S has tangible application in both emergency and crisis planning and response. R2S uses a dynamic, fully interactive engine to promote clear communication, accurate planning, and enhanced collaboration between counter-terrorism agencies and operators of critical infrastructure enhancing support, protection and response.